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Playground of Illusions

Steampunk inspired play things that create illusions of the eye, ear and body

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The Playground of Illusions ™

Our fantastic collection of large interactive ‘toys’ that create visual, auditory and tactile illusions when you play with them.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, don’t be shy. Come on in to the Playground of Illusions…

… a mind-bending extravaganza which will make you question the very nature of reality and truth. Seeing is believing, or so they say. But the normal rules don’t apply in the topsy turvy world of the Playground, where your every sense will be bamboozled and played with.

Fully interactive, the Playground toys are a delight of hands on experience and discovery. There are things to make your eyes go wibbly and your ears go wobbly; your senses will go silly and flat hands will feel curvy. There’s levers to pull and knobs to push, wheels to turn and intriguing bits and bobs to look at.


Originally created on commission by Without Walls, Just So Festival and Brighton Festival and co-commissioned with Applause Rural Touring the Playground of Illusions has delighted audiences across the country. It is a hit with all ages but especially so with children. There are moments playing with the toys when you are jolted out of the normal and everyday into a place where anything might be possible.

“I watched people playing and interacting with the pieces and when they suddenly got it, that was a really magical moment!”

Sally Lampitt, Applause Rural Touring

interactive festival installation where science meets art

Technical specifications

There are 12 beautifully crafted steampunk vintage style toys. Together with 18 interactive boards, and black and white bunting to mark the edge of the Playground, these form a complete area at your event. The toys can be freely explored by visitors but two of our Illusionists, bedecked to bedazzle, will be on hand to add an extra element of performance and magic.  

It’s beautifully easy to integrate the Playground at your event. It’s entirely off grid and suitable for both hard or grass sites and day or night events. Two hours get in/maximum of two hours pack down. Two people travel with one high roof van.

High resolution images are available for use in promotional material.

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“This was a really fun area that you could dip in and out of any time over the weekend. We spent a lovely half an hour wandering the different illusions, confounding our brains. Lines moved when they didn’t; circles popped and slid back out of view without ever changing position”

festivalkidz.com review of Just So festival

The Playground of Illusions