Let Your Imagination Run Away With Us

Hypercube awesome lights cube inside multicolour LEDs.jpg


An awesome and HUGE cube of lights and mirrors that will take you to new dimensions!

The TLC Hypercube is an awesome cube of multicoloured LEDs and one-way mirrors that can take you to another dimension!

Hypercube awesome lights cube Beatherder19 day1.jpg

Over 2500 high density and high intensity LEDs have been sandwiched between 6 perfectly engineered faces of this giant cube to make what we believe to be the BIGGEST HYPERCUBE IN THE WORLD!

When you look into it, the mirrors repeat the moving patterns of LEDs to create a world of infinitely repeating lights. Something else very strange happens too… when you look at the opposite face, you see your own eye in the centre of all the mesmerising patterns of light - giving you a very eery and unearthly experience!

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The TLC Hypercube is one of our best designed pieces of art to date. The high production values really stand out, pleasing the inquisitive eye that likes to look at the detail of such things. The perfect precision comes from a combination of laser cut steel with aluminium extrusions and polycarbonate, all made possible with brilliant engineering and CAD. We’ve really pushed the boundaries of what is possible with plastic sheets and LEDs.

As with all of our installations, the TLC Hypercube is fully waterproof and ready for the very worst weather possible!

Hypercube awesome lights cube Beatherder19 day2.jpg
Hypercube awesome lights cube inside multicolour LEDs.jpg