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About Us

Who we are, why we love what we do. How to get in touch

About Us


Born out of a love of the spectacular, the desire to push it further and see where it takes you, the Travelling Light Circus is a big joyous dose of fizzing magic.

Since starting back in 2009 we have grown and grown. Travelling Light Circus creates installations, performances and events. We create shows which meld together circus, dance and theatre along with fire and lights and music. We dream up giant mechanical toys, made real in steampunk glory. Toys which deceive the senses, musical toys, machines of science and art, consoles to control lights spiralling in the sky above you.   

We love what we do. We get to work with talented and inspiring people on projects which we think are special, projects which allow us to let the ‘big kid’ part of us out. The part which says…what if?

It’s the joy of exploration and play, of letting our imaginations run riot. Of working on a collaboration and living breathing dreaming it. The pleasure of building something good enough to do justice to the beauty of the idea.

It’s seeing children experiencing what we’ve created and them having those moments. The ‘how did THAT happen?’ That spark, the jolt out of their normal everyday experience into something else, the jumping off point for those big questions. Ones that fill their heads with awe and wonder at the world around them.

“Maybe the illusions have changed my brain so it’s invisible.”

Finlay, 8-year-old visitor to the Playground of Illusions.

travelling light circus playground of illusions pendulum wave machine

We love what we do. Because events and performances mean something, they matter. They help create community, bring people together for something bigger than themselves. They create a place where shared peak experiences and moments of magic can happen. How could we not love being a part of that?

We’re proud to have been involved in some truly great events. The big and beautiful high-energy extravaganzas but also some incredibly valuable social projects in less shiny surroundings. We believe in the power of events to change things, to do good, and we believe that what we create can be transformative, make those moments of magic happen, open minds and inspire.

light night festival installation

We live and breathe events and we love to talk about them and to hear what’s going on. So why not have a chat to us about yours?

Be a part of it. Let your imagination run away with us.