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We're hiring!

We're looking for performers for exciting gigs in Kent and Sussex this Summer

The Playground of Illusions


The Playground of Illusions is a series of large ‘toys’ that create visual or sensory illusions when played with. People will turn handles, pull levers and lift up flaps to reveal clever optical tricks that deceive and delight!

A highly interactive mix of art and science that has been commissioned by Applause Rural Touring (ART) to travel around Kent and Sussex this Summer. It has also been commissioned by Without Walls and so is going to be seen in a lot of places over the coming months. This success means that we’re looking for people to join us over the Summer, to help bring the Playground to life!


The role


We’re looking for people to tour with The Playground of Illusions at a series of ART events in Kent and Sussex, between June and September 2018. The most important part of the role is to interact with the public; we’ll provide a great costume (there’s a definite steampunk vibe to the illusions, so we’ll make you look steampunky too), you’ll become a quirky fun character who will make people smile. You’ll probably get your photo taken a lot, and asked questions about the illusions, so we’ll teach you all you need to know, as well as a magic trick or two to help you wow your audience!

All the events are for one day only and part of your role will be to set up the installation at the start of the day and pack away at the end.  The illusions travel in a small horsebox trailer, and you’ll need to carry them on and off the trailer, and to hit a few pegs into the ground too. We’ll provide full training of course.

For some of the events it would be useful to have an extra driver on the team, so please let us know if you have any experience of towing a trailer. This is not essential, so please apply even if you can’t drive at all.


Dates and rates

We need people for the following events:

Sat 23 June - Battles Big Event

Sun 24 June - Shoreham Midsummer Fete

Sat 30 June - Staplehurst Fete

Sat 7 July - Chatham Big Local

Sun 8 July  - Hythe Festival

Sat 14 July - Paddock Wood Carnival

Sun 15 July - Henley Festival

22 July  - Petworth Festival

4 August - Parkwood Fete

Whilst we would love to find people who can do all of these events, we realise that this is not necessarily likely, as people already have Summer commitments, so we are interested in hearing from people who can make at least 4 of the dates.

The payment is £150/day, per performer, with an extra allowance for driver.


If you are interested in working with us, please send a short email to Andy Benfield of TLC,  andy@travellinglightcircus.com  explaining why you think you’re suitable for the role, complete with a list of the events you are available for.

If you have any questions, please send them through to Andy by email. He’s happy to answer anything at all, no matter how large, trivial, irrelevant or daft it might seem. There’s no such thing as a silly question! If you’d prefer to have an informal chat, you can call Andy on 07980 926805.


The ‘deadline’ is Tuesday 8th May at 10am, but please be aware that we want to recruit as soon as possible, so please get in touch at the earliest opportunity. If we get the right team together before 8th May then the opportunity will have passed.




Job Requirements


-          We are looking for people who have experience in working directly with audience members. Ideally this will be in an outdoor arts setting, though we welcome enquiries for people with relevant experience in other artforms.


-          The most important part of the role is the fact that you will be the face of the Playground of Illusions at lots of events and will help to generate an exciting, memorable and fun experience for people of all ages! You’ll need to bring a smile to the public and brighten their day; you’ll pose for dozens of photos every day and need to be comfortable with this public-facing role.


-          You will be happy to ‘enter character’ and stay in character during performance times, performing in costume and having playful fun with the public whilst in character. Please have a look around the TLC website for examples of the type of costume and characterisation that we have used in previous shows and installations. (www.travellinglightcircus.com)


-          You must be happy to do a bit of manual labour (lifting and moving the pieces in and out of the trailer), no matter what the weather!